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Multitenancy with LDAP authentication





Usage of multitenancy together with LDAP authentication. 


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Is it possible to use LDAP mapping for subtenants?

Is it possible to define different LDAP servers for different tenants?

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Enhancement Number: NPMD-I-105

In the current version, users from LDAP and TACACS+ are created in the base tenant only and it is possible to have only one LDAP server for all tenants in Flowmon OS. 

LDAP mapping for subtenants is not supported. It is not possible to set tenant ID to the LDAP group. It has to be done for every user individually. 


Users can be created in subtenant by adding a new attribute to the LDAP user called "tenant" and setting the attribute to tenant ID.
Tenant ID could be obtained in FCC - System - Tenants - Open browser debug console (F12) - Network tab - Edit tenant.

For Active Directory, a custom attribute has to be created (schema adjustment is required).


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