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Deleting large number of flow sources





Possibilities on how to delete a large number of flow sources in Flowmon OS. Can be applied to other objects (profiles, alerts,...) as well.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How can I delete a large number of flow sources?

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There is no batch delete option in the GUI but it is possible to use REST API to do batch operations.

Example of deleting flow sources via SSH with curl:

  1. Obtain an access token
    curl https://localhost/resources/oauth/token -k -d grant_type=password -d client_id=invea-tech -d username=admin -d password=admin
    Replace username and password fields with your desired GUI user details.
    Sample response:
  2. List all flow sources
    curl -G -k https://localhost/rest/fmc/sources?interfaces=false -H "Authorization: bearer <access_token>"
    Replace <access_token> with the token obtained in step 1.
    The request returns JSON with all flow sources (ID, IP, name,...).
    Sample response:
    "name":" (localhost, NetFlow-port2055)",
  3. Delete desired IDs
    curl -X DELETE -k https://localhost/rest/fmc/sources/<ID1>  -H "Authorization: bearer <access_token>"
    curl -X DELETE -k https://localhost/rest/fmc/sources/<ID2>  -H "Authorization: bearer <access_token>"
    Replace <ID> with the ID obtained in step 2 and <access_token> with the token obtained in step 1.

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