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Flow export configuration in NSX-T Data Center





Details and specifics of IPFIX configuration in NSX-T Data Center.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to configure IPFIX export in NSX-T Data Center?

How to configure packet sampling probability in NSX-T Data Center?

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1) Add an IPFIX Collector
NSX Manager - Plan & Troubleshoot - IPFIX - Collectors tab - Add New Collector - enter name, IP and port

2) Add a Switch IPFIX Profile

NSX Manager - Plan & Troubleshoot - IPFIX - Switch IPFIX Profiles tab - Add Switch IPFIX Profile

Set active timeout to 300 seconds (default value).

Set idle timeout to 30 seconds.

Set packet sampling probability to 100%. In this case, no sampling is used. This configuration is best for accurate monitoring but might cause a higher load to NSX-T. If the load is too high, it is necessary to lower the packet sampling probability (10%, 1%,...).

Packet count exported to the IPFIX collector is the total count based on a sampling rate, not the sampled packets. For example, IPFIX calculates the count of total packets and exports the info. For 100 incoming packets, IPFIX might sample 9–11 packets. It exports 90 or 110 packets to the IPFIX collector. IPFIX options templates are not used.

Sample configuration:



Add an IPFIX Collector

Add a Switch IPFIX Profile

IPFIX Monitoring on a vSphere Distributed Switch

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