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Notifications that warn about ADS not being able to reach out to the services server to update blacklists and BPATTERNs.





Notifications that report on failed updates of ADS methods and blacklists can be caused by connectivity issues of Flowmon and the services server.


Product: ADS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

"I'm receiving errors regarding ADS method update failures"

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:


  • A problem was encountered during the update of blacklists and BPATTERNS signatures. The download of the following item has failed: XXXX
  • Unable to update signature list for BPATTERNS (download failed)
  • Unable to update external services
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Cause: Blacklists are updated every 6 hours and BPATTERNs are updated every hour. Updates are downloaded from (port 443). If the Flowmon appliance, for whatever reason, fails to reach the Flowmon services server for these updates, it will generate these notifications. 

After the appliance fails to reach the services, it will try again in 5 minutes. This will repeat until it succeeds. If it doesn't, it will generate another notification. If there are no further notifications after the first ones, it is a good indication that the Flowmon managed to reach the services on the first retry.

If these notifications are repeating every 5 minutes, firewall rules and connectivity should be checked. Running these CLI commands in Flowmon should help further investigation:




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