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Automatic deployment from K360 failure due to Content Library





Could not deploy LoadMaster from K360 Central


Product: K360 Central

Version: 2.12

Platform: VMware

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Exposing hardware assisted virtualization has been enabled, but still unable to spin up a new load balancer.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: ERROR Could not fetch library for target 'target-environment-name' to deploy 'profile-name' (Library not found)
Defect Number:  
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Incorrect datastore has been selected in K360 Central.  The datastore selection needs to have a content library associated with it.
Resolution: The Content library you are trying to deploy too does not have a correct datastore.  Make sure the datastore you are selecting has a content library associated with it within VMware.
Notes: Feature Description - Kemp 360 Central – Kemp Support (

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