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Generating a CSR and certificate for Flowmon





Example of generating CSR for Flowmon using openssl.
If Flowmon uses its own domain, it is necessary to provide a CSR to the certification authority to create an HTTPS certificate.


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How to generate CSR for Flowmon?

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1) Set Hostname and Domain (Configuration Center -> System -> System settings -> Interface Settings -> Hostname)

Login to Flowmon appliance CLI with ssh client (User flowmon):

2) Generate the RSA private key

Login to Flowmon appliance CLI with ssh client (User flowmon):

openssl genrsa -out collector.key 2048
3) Generate CSR. Fill in correct information
openssl req -new -key collector.key -out collector.csr

4) Using WinSCP you can download the collector.csr file and provide it to the CA

5) Upload signed certificate and key in Configuration Center -> System -> System settings -> Maintenance -> Security settings -> Certificate Management -> Host certificates


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