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Firewall rule cannot be added on the Probe





In FOS 12.1.1 and older versions is Remote access available in the GUI and is possible to add custom FW rule. However, the new rule is not actually added.


Product: Flowmon Probe

Version: FOS 12.1.1

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description: We tried to add new Firewall rule in Configuration Center -> Remote Access and nothing happened. According to the user activity logs it seems that new rule was added correctly.
Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-1834
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: It is a bug that this option is enabled for Probe. By design, it is not possible to add custom FW rules on the Probe. Adding FW rules is only possible on Collector appliances.
Resolution: In the future versions of FOS it will not be possible to add new firewall rule. Remote Access settings will be disabled in the GUI.

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