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Various ways to backup configuration/data in Flowmon OS





Description of backup/restore possibilities in Flowmon OS. 


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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How can I backup the configuration in Flowmon OS?

How can I backup the data in Flowmon OS?

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There are multiple ways of doing backups:

1) Flow data backup to Samba storage. Only a past day is copied to the Samba storage every midnight for defined profiles. When the data are restored, a new historical profile is created and data for the selected interval are copied there. 

Samba storage is configured in Configuration Center - System - System settings - External data storage.

Profile backup is configured in Monitoring Center - Profiles - Edit profiles - Profile backup settings.

2) Configuration backup (in the form of an XML file) can be obtained in Configuration Center - System - System settings - Maintenance.

Automatic configuration backup is also done every midnight and saved to the system disk to /etc/flowmon/config-backup (older backups are in /etc/flowmon/daily-backup). It is possible to download the XML file via SSH/SCP.

3) Disaster backup and recovery. This is an experimental feature that can backup the whole system (configuration, database, data) to Samba storage. This tool is available only via CLI and it does not support plugins. More details about this feature can be found in the Solution maintenance guide linked below.


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