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How to disable a subVS with RESTful API





Would like to disable a subVS within a Virtual Service via API command.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: or above (to use JSON)

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to disable an entire subVS using the RESTful API

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  • Using JSON input/API v2 input:
curl -k -d '{
"apikey" : "<api key>",
"cmd" : "modrs",
"vs" : "<parent virtual service ID>",
"rs" : "!<real server ID of subVS**>",
"enable": false } ' https://<LoadMasterIP>/accessv2

**This number is not the subVS ID. It is the ID in the Parent Virtual Service only under the SubVS tab. These numbers are not the same.

  • To use API v1 input:

https://user:password@<LoadMasterIP>/access/modrs?vs=<parent virtual service ID>&rs=!<real server ID of the subVS>&enable=false

When using this API command, the subVS can only be disabled by disabling all Real Servers within the specific subVS.


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