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How to create a CNAME for a FQDN using GEO/GSLB





Process to associate a CNAME with a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that's being used with GEO/Global Server LoadBalancing (GSLB).


Product: LoadMaster

Version: 7.2.53 and above.

Platform: Any 

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How to add a CNAME for a FQDN?

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Cause: To add an alias to a FQDN for GEO load balancing.

Before adding a CNAME, please note that the following validation is in place for CNAME records:

  • There cannot be duplicates.

  • CNAMEs you add must be part of the domain (must be a child of the FQDN and not the same as the FQDN. Wildcard CNAMEs are currently not supported).

  • CNAMEs must be a domain name (no IP addresses).

  • FQDNs cannot be added if it already exists as a CNAME.

  • Zones cannot be added if it already exists as a CNAME.

  • A CNAME cannot be added if an FQDN with the same name already exists.

  • A CNAME cannot be added if a Zone with the same name already exists.

  • A CNAME must not be a wildcard (for example: * is not supported).

The following steps cover how to add a CNAME:

1. Navigate to the LoadMaster's Web UI > Global Balancing > Manage FQDNs > Locate the FQDN to modify > Modify

2. Additional records > Set Record Type to CNAME and enter the CNAME in the Data field > Add as shown below:


3. Once done, a list with the CNAMEs for the specific FQDN will populate as displayed below:


Notes: (section 4.11.4 Additional Records)

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