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What kind of Exchange template is suitable for my exchange enviroment.





What is a suitable template for the exchange according to the user scenario.


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Exchange

Question/Problem Description:

Desired Exchange template as per the end-user environment.

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If you are not using any ESP i.e. SSO on KEMP it's just a simple SSL passthrough or SSL with re-encrypted. Then you can use:

  • Core services: MAPI, SMTP and Unified HTTP/HTTPS

If you want any ESP i.e. SSO on KEMP like LDAP or SAML. Then you can use:

  • ESP services: SMTP with ESP and Unified HTTP/HTTPS with ESP

If you want both ESP and WAF on KEMP, then you can use

  • ESP Services and WAF: ESP and WAF services
Notes: Microsoft Template

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