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Google Cloud - GUI password and SSH keys are reset after the reboot





After the reboot of FOS in Google Cloud, it may happen that the GUI password for the admin user and custom SSH keys in  /home/flowmon/.ssh/authorized_keys are reset to the values at the time of deployment (from instance metadata).


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: 12.1 and lower

Platform: Google Cloud

Question/Problem Description:

Why is the GUI password reset after the reboot?

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Deploy Flowmon OS in Google Cloud
  2. Change GUI password via sysconfig

  3. Add SSH key to /home/flowmon/.ssh/authorized_keys

  4. Reboot the appliance

  5. Unable to login with changed GUI password

  6. Added SSH keys are not present in /home/flowmon/.ssh/authorized_keys

Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-3730
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: There is a startup script in the instance metadata which is triggered during every boot. The script set the admin user password and flowmon user SSH key to the one configured during deployment.

Remove the startup script from the instance metadata by gcloud console:

gcloud compute instances remove-metadata <instance_name> --keys=startup-script

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