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As soon Password Expiry Warning enabled on ESP, cause user login failure.





As soon the user enables password warning on ESP on KEMP, login fails on Exchange stuck on a Login loop.


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Exchange

Question/Problem Description:

Enabling password warning on ESP causes a login loop, and exchange can't be login.

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This can happen because of failed user bind in KEMP LDAP SSO.

Take a TCP dump on KEMP and make sure your user mentioned on LDAP SSO passes the Health check 

  • System Configuration -> Troubleshooting -> TCP Dump.
  • Make sure Wireshark is installed on the Local Machine to analyze the packet capture.
  • On LDAP binding make sure bindResponse for the username is success if it's coming as Invalid credentials seem issue with Credentials or LDAP SSO for KEMP is not setup properly.

If Healthchecks are failing for KEMP SSO, it might breaks the login.


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