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What is the correct firmware version to upgrade to?





Deciding which firmware version to update on the LoadMaster


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

When updating the firmware of LoadMaster product, which firmware version should be selected? (GA, LTS, LTSF, EA)

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Cause: Can't decide which firmware version to update to. 

Long Term Support Feature (LTSF) Version includes stable new features and feature enhancements from the GA release. It will also backdate relevant security and major bug fixes.

Long Term Support (LTS) Version is our most stable Version. It does not include any new features or feature enhancements, however, it does backdate the relevant security and major bug fixes. 

Generally Available Feature Release (GA) Version includes all the latest developed features for our LoadMaster products and is suitable for production environments. This would be our recommend version to update to. 

Early Access (EA) Version is the latest most stable in development pre-release version of LoadMaster firmware. This release is not suitable for production environments as it includes features and bug fixes that are not fully tested. We would encourage to try this firmware in your test environments only if you are interested in the new features and fixes that have been developed and to also provide feedback back to Dev team. Please contact support to obtain this version.


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