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LoadMaster error log: kernel: hpet1: lost 1 rtc interrupts





LoadMaster error log: kernel: hpet1: lost 1 rtc interrupts


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Seeing more notifications with the message "loadmaster kernel: hpet1: lost 1 rtc interrupts." Is this a concern that should be addressed?

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: loadmaster kernel: hpet1: lost 1 rtc interrupts
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Enhancement Number:  
  • Development team has previously confirmed this as a vmware/hypervisor issue. The error seems to occur when the hypervisor itself becomes busy.
  • Per dev team: "This alert comes out at random times when the virtualization layer doesn't schedule the virtual machine quickly enough, because it's performing other tasks. It means that something that should happen in 1 millisecond has been possibly delayed by a millisecond. This alert is perfectly safe to ignore. It can generally be ignored. If it happens a lot, then there is some other virtual machine that is taking more CPU than it should. "
  • Its possible that the allocation of additional CPU resources may help. If this does not happen very frequently, it is safe to ignore.
  • This log error also cannot be turned off because it is part of the Kernel. All in all, this error comes from the fact that VMware was too busy doing other things to do something on the LoadMaster at an expected time. It is suggested to reach out to VMware for more information on this.

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