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Monitoring in ICS/SCADA environment





Possibilities of SCADA monitoring with Flowmon Probe/Collector and ADS module.


Product: Flowmon OS, ADS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Is it possible to monitor the SCADA environment with Flowmon products?

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Flowmon Probes are able to monitor L3 (IP layer) and above. All IP communication in SCADA networks can be monitored. 

Probes can offer visibility to the following IoT protocols:

  • IEC 104
  • COAP
  • MMS
  • DLMS

ADS module is able to detect suspicious behavior in the network with standard methods such as:

  • ALIENDEV - detection of new devices in the network
  • BLACKLIST - communication with blacklisted hosts
  • BPATTERNS - eg. communication of the malware with C&C servers
  • DICTATTACK - dictionary attacks
  • SCANS - network port scans
  • UPLOAD - suspicious upload activity
  • and many others

It is possible to use IDS Probe (Suricata) together with ADS for IDS detections. There is a default rule set for the SCADA environment and other rule sets are available (eg.


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