Azure Deployment Models - Classic or Resource Manager


There are 7 SKUs provided within the KEMP Virtual LoadMaster(VLM) family in Azure. When deploying a new VLM in Azure, one of the options is to select the deployment model. The screen shot here is a part of the screen and not the entire screen, with the area highlighted in red showing this option. For 6 of the 7 available SKUs the option is grayed out, with BYOL being the only SKU for which it is available as shown in the figure here.



Microsoft Azure has decided to move away from the Classic deployment model to the Resource Manager model (also called ARM – Azure Resource Model) and are encouraging all their customers to move to ARM.  KEMP can no longer publish and therefore cannot allow customers to provision new offers in Classic Azure. All new offers of KEMP are available only in ARM. Microsoft has not specified an end date for Classic deployments. For customers using Classic Vnet, migration to ARM Vnet is not only recommended at this point but help is provided as shown below:





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