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How to Configure a Health Check using an Authenticated User

To use this feature, you must convert your user name and password to Base64. For this article, we will use

This can be configured as either domain\user or

  1. Copy the Base64 encoding because you will require this later.
  2. Configure the heath check settings on your virtual service.
  3. Set the Stats Codes to 301 and 302. By default, the LoadMaster views 200-299, 301, 302 and 401 as valid status codes. When using Basic authorization you will only want 301 and 302 as a valid response. More information is available here.
  4. Create a Custom Header with the fields: Authorization: Basic.
    A space separator is required for the password. For example, Basic a2VtcHRlc3hr

If required, configure any additional settings.

A trace taken on the LoadMaster shows the Authorization header. If the user and password are valid, then the real server is marked as up.



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