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How to resolve issues with Office 365 Calendar information.


The default ESP SharePoint Logoff String is /_layouts/15/SignOut.aspx. It is possible to add multiple logoff strings to ESP, but the problem with SharePoint is that it can have numerous sub-folders, for example,, that are impossible to predetermine.

So the logoff string is now /personal/admin/_layouts/15/SignOut.aspx.


Configure two SubVSs and assign a wildcard SharePoint Content Rule where a redirect will be performed to the default logoff string: /_layouts/15/SignOut.aspx


1. Create the WildCard Content Rule

In the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI), go to Rules and Checking > Content Rules > Create New Rule.

Match String =  /^\/.*\/_layouts\/15\/SignOut.aspx.*/

2. Create Two SubVSs

In the WUI, go to Virtual Services > View/Modify Services > Modify > Real Servers > Add SubVS and name them accordingly. 


3. Enable Content Switching

To enable content switching, follow the steps below:

  • In the WUI, go to Virtual Services > View/Modify Services > Modify.
  • Expand the Advanced Properties section.
  • Enable Content Switching.
  • In the SubVSs section there will be a new column called Rules. Click None and assign the default rule to the SharePoint ESP SubVS.


  • Assign LogoffSharePoint Rule to Sub VS 2. (SubVS used to Redirect)


4. Configure Redirect SubVS

Modify SubVS > Advanced Properties > Not Available Redirect Handling

Redirect URL:


5. Add Logoff String to SharePoint ESP

Modify SharePoint VS > ESP > Logoff String =  "/_layouts/15/SignOut.aspx" without quotes


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