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How to Publish Outlook Calendar with ESP


When publishing your Outlook calendar, clients will be forced to authenticate. This is because your URL contains OWA, where all OWA traffic needs to be authenticated. This article describes how to publish your Outlook calendar so that clients are not forced to authenticate.


Create an additional SubVS and assign the content rule to catch /owa/calendar. No authentication is required in this SubVS.


1. Create Content Rule

In the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI), go to Rules and Checking > Content Rules > Create New Rule.

Match string =  /^\/owa\/calendar.*/


2. Create the SubVS

In the WUI, go to Virtual Services > View/Modify Services > Modify > Real Servers > Add SubVS and name it, for example Calendar.



3. Assign the Content Rule

Navigate to your Calendar SubVS > Rules, assign the OWACalander Content Rule. 


4. Configure the Calander SubVS

Configure the Calendar SubVS but with ESP disabled or with ESP enabled using Delegate to Server for Client Side Authentication.


5.  Change Rule Precedence

When a client clicks on the Calendar link, we do not want them to be directed to the original OWA SubVS. To avoid this behavior, navigate to Rule Precedence and promote the OWACalendar rule above the OWA rule.

Modify the Exchange Virtual Service > Advanced Properties > Rule Precedence

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