Preparing the remote host for automated backups using SCP.

From the remote server to which the LoadMaster backups will be sent:

Run the ssh-keygen command to generate the public/private rsa key pair.

Do not assign a passphrase (leave the value empty).

By default this will create the following files in the /home/user/.ssh/ directory:

id_rsa (private key file) - this file will be uploaded to the LoadMaster. (public key file) - this value needs to be copied into the appropriate files on the remote host.

Run the ssh-copy-id command to copy the public key information into the “authorized_keys” and “known_hosts” files.

ssh-copy-id user@server

The /home/user/.ssh directory now has the following files.

authorized_keys  id_rsa  known_hosts

Export the private key file (id_rsa) from the server. This will be used for the Remote Identity value on the LoadMaster.

Be sure to create a backup directory on the server and enter this path under Remote Pathname on the LoadMaster. Ex: /home/user/LMbackups



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