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How to Download an Intermediate Cert From Browser

Applications need a trusted certificate chain. Many times an untrusted certificate chain causes errors for the users and even causes some applications such as ActiveSync for Microsoft Exchange to fail. To complete that chain you might need an intermediate certificate. One of the simplest ways to find the intermediate certificate and export it is through an Internet Browser such as Google Chrome.

Browse to the website that you need to get an intermediate certificate for and press F12. Browse to the security tab inside the developer tools. Click View certificate.


This opens the certificate window. Here you can browse basic details of the certificate being presented such as the who it was issued to, issued by and when it is valid until. Select the Certification Path tab.  This is the trusted chain. Please click the middle certificate as this will be the intermediate certificate and click View Certificate.


This opens the certificate window. Select the Details tab and click Copy to File.


This is where we download the intermediate certificate. Download this as Base-64 encoded, because any certificate imported into the LoadMaster must be Base-64 encoded.


Follow the next steps to name the intermediate certificate and save it on your local computer.  After doing so we are ready to import this into the LoadMaster. Browse to Certificates & Security > Intermediate Certs. Browse to the specified location and name your intermediate cert.  This is a personal identifier. No spaces are allowed.


This will complete the steps to export the intermediate certificate and then import into the LoadMaster. The steps in this article are based on Google Chrome. The steps are similar in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge.

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