Log Message - UCARP Bad Digest

This article discusses the following error:

<date> <LM host name> ucarp[2193]: Bad digest - md2=[xxxxx...] md=[xxxxx...]
- Check vhid, password and virtual IP address

For example:
Jul 13 17:47:10 KEMP_1 ucarp[2193]: Bad digest - md2=[31084da3...] md=[20dcd914...] - Check vhid, password and virtual IP address

This relates to High Availability (HA) setup on the LoadMasters. The most common reasons for this error are:

  • There is another device on the network with the same HA Virtual ID. The LoadMasters in a HA pair should have the same HA Virtual ID, a third device could be interfering with these units. Ensure to change the HA ID so that they are the same on both units.
    As of the 7.2.36 firmware, the LoadMaster selects a HA Virtual ID based on the shared IP address of the first configured interface (the last 8 bits). You can change the value to whatever you want (in the range 1 – 255) or you can keep it at the value it already selected.
  • An interface used for HA checks is receiving a multicast from a different interface/appliance. If the LoadMaster has two interfaces connecting to the same switch, with Use for HA checks enabled, this can also cause these error messages. Disable the option Use for HA checks on one of the interfaces to confirm the issue. If confirmed, either leave the option disabled, or move the interface to a separate switch.
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