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How to resolve the "License Disallows Any Further Software Updates" error message

The purpose of this article is to provide a solution to overcome the licensing related error message "License Disallows Any Further Software Updates", which is commonly visible when attempting to perform a firmware upgrade. A breakdown of the LoadMaster license elements is also explained below.


About this Error Message

License Disallows Any Further Software Updates indicates that the Support License/Subscription License on the LoadMaster has expired, or has not been recently updated to reflect the current version of the Support/Subscription contract, that is available on the Kemp license database.

You can view the LoadMaster license and support information on the Web User Interface (WUI) by clicking on the "Home" button and then clicking View License.

This error message can occur in-spite of the LoadMaster license showing Licensed Until unlimited. It is the Subscription Expiry or Support Until that has expired and causing this error.

Note: Licensed Until refers to how long this LoadMaster will be activated for. For example, if this is a Trial LoadMaster, the use of this LoadMaster will be activated for 30 days. If this is a permanent LoadMaster, the use of this LoadMaster will be activated indefinitely. However, any firmware upgrades and rule updates for GEO and WAF, will require a valid Support/Subscription contract.




Resolving this error message

If the Support/Subscription contract has been renewed recently, the LoadMaster may still have the old Support/Subscription expiry date. In this scenario, an update of the license on the LoadMaster using either the Online or Offline licensing method described below is required.


Online Licensing

If the LoadMaster has access to the internet, the Online Licensing method can be used:

  1. Access the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI).
  2. Navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.
  3. Select Online Licensing and enter your Kemp Identifier (Kemp ID/Email Address) and Password.
  4. Click Update License.



Offline Licensing

Alternatively, if the LoadMaster does not have internet access, the Offline Licensing method can be used:

  1. Navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.
  2. Select Offline Licensing and click the Get License link.
  3. Enter your Kemp Identifier (Kemp ID/Email Address) and Password.
  4. Upon completion, the license will be emailed to you.
  5. Copy and paste the License, from start to finish, into the License box.
  6. Click Update License.





For further information on licensing the LoadMaster, please refer to the Licensing Feature Description

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Glen Kallhoff

Hello, I'm preparing to update my VLM5000 to LTS but am not able to. It tells me

"License disallows any further software updates. Updates can only be installed after installing a new license is required."

Is updating the license disruptive to my virtual services?




Justin Federico


Updating the LoadMaster license would not be disruptive to your virtual services. That said, we would always suggest a maintenance window when making any changes to a production LoadMaster.



Amith Mishra

Please call me, i lost you on phone. As discussed kindly share a meeting invite now.