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How to Disable IP Forwarding

During a security scan of the LoadMaster, you might get a report saying IP forwarding is turned on or off.  The LoadMaster is not a router but it is possible to route data through if you desire. If you need to toggle this function go to System Configuration > Network Setup > Packet Routing Filter.


If this function is disabled, IP forwarding is turned on. If this function is enabled, IP forwarding is turned off.

If you turn on the Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) feature on the LoadMaster, the packet routing filter will be turned on. If you disable the GSLB feature, the packet routing filter will still be on, so please take note. In addition to enabling GSLB, if you add a whitelist or blacklist the packet routing filter will be turned on.

If the packet routing filter is turned on, it will drop all traffic that hits the LoadMaster if it was not destined for a Virtual Service IP address or an interface IP address of the LoadMaster.

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