LDAP - How to Configure an LDAP Endpoint

As of, you can configure LDAP endpoints in the LoadMaster. Once configured, these endpoints can be used to configure LDAP Web User Interface (WUI) authentication. For instructions on how to use LDAP for WUI Authentication, refer to the following article: How to Use LDAP for WUI Authentication

This guide relates to configuring an LDAP endpoint.

In the LoadMaster WUI, go to Certificates & Security > LDAP Configuration. Create a new LDAP endpoint by typing a valid name and clicking Add. No special characters or spaces are allowed.


Then, specify your parameters.


LDAP Server(s) = The IP address(es) of your LDAP server.

LDAP Protocol = The protocol. Choices are Unencrypted, StartTLS or LDAPS.

Validation Interval = How often the user is re-validated against the LDAP server.

Referral Count = Set this field to a value between 1 and 10 to enable referral chasing. The number specified will limit the number of hops (referrals chased). Set to 0 to disable.

Admin User = The username checked against the LDAP to verify if it is up.

Admin User Password = The password of this user.

LDAP endpoints can be used in SSO domains and/or for WUI authentication. For more information, refer to the following article: How to use LDAP for WUI Authentication

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