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How to Prevent The LoadMaster From Dropping Idle Connections

When configuring the Idle Connection Timeout value on the LoadMaster, it is essential that this value is greater than the idle connection timeout configured on the Real Servers added to the Virtual Service being configured. If the Idle Connection Timeout value is less then the idle connection timeout value set by the Real Servers, then idle connections are dropped by the LoadMaster before the Real Server has the chance to.

As seen below in Figure 1.1Idle Connection Timeout can be configured within the Standard Options section of each Virtual Service configuration. The Idle Connection Timeout value is configured in seconds and the input range is  0 – 86400 seconds. If the Idle Connection Timeout value is left blank or if it is set to 0, the value will default to 660 seconds.

Figure 1.1 – Idle Connection Timeout


The default Idle Connection Timeout value can be configured by navigating to System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > Network Options and changing the Connection Timeout as seen below in Figure 1.2. If your Virtual Services are configured with an Idle Connection Timeout value of 0, or if the value is left blank, ensure that the Connection Timeout value is greater then the Idle Connection Timeout configured on the Real Servers added on the Virtual Services.

Figure 1.2 – Connection Timeout Network Options


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