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How to Create a Kemp ID

A Kemp ID is required to license a LoadMaster and to download firmware. If you do not have a Kemp ID you can create one using this link

N.B. The only way to have ownership of a LoadMaster be given to multiple user’s is to create a Kemp ID using an email that is configured as a shared email. All of the users that have access to the email will then have access to any information with regard to support tickets that are opened for your LoadMaster, licensing information for your LoadMaster, and more.


After registering your Kemp ID, you should receive an email to confirm validation.


Following the link you receive brings you to a new website page where you must confirm your password to activate your Kemp ID.

*Please confirm your Kemp ID within 24 hours once you receive the confirmation email.





If you do not receive an email, you can resend the activation email using this link

If you do not have your Kemp ID password, you can reset it using this link

For more details on licensing, please see the following document


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