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How To Limit The Number Of Connections Per Second From A Specific Host

The Client Limiting feature makes it possible to set a limit of the number of connections per second from a given host.

The Client Limiting feature is a Application Front End (AFE) feature and is a license-based feature. If you do not have these features and you need them, please contact a KEMP Sales Representative.

To configure the Client Limiting feature, navigate to System Configuration > Miscellaneous Options > AFE Configuration > Client Limiting.

Figure 1.1 – Client Limiting


By default the Client Connection Limiter is set to a value of 0 which turns Client Limiting off.

The value entered into the Client Connection Limiter is the default number of connections per second allowed from a given host.

Once you configure the Client Connection Limiter default limit with a value, you can set different limits for specific hosts/networks so you can limit a network and/or host.

Figure 1.2 – Client Limiting Default Limit Set


When adding an IP address, if you are going to add a host and the network the host belongs to, ensure to add the host first as the list is processed in the same order that it is displayed.

Figure 1.3 – Client Limiting Host & Network Added


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