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How to add a single LoadMaster, a LoadMaster HA pair, or a third-party device to Kemp 360 Central

1. Login to your Kemp 360 Central instance via the IP Address in the Web Browser to access the WUI Management Console:



2. Navigate to 'Network and Device Administration':



3. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select “+”, then "Add a Device" as below:



4. Select the appropriate:

Network (This will be set to 'Auto-Select' by default, however a network can also be specified)

Device Type

IP Address:Port



Alternate WUI Access (This is required only for Azure and ASL, and is otherwise optional. Specify the FQDN returned by DNS for the device, or specify the IP address followed by colon and port number)




5. Select 'Apply'

The device will then be added to Kemp 360 Central under the appropriate network. Any third-party device will display the appropriate company logo in green, as pictured below for example:



6. For adding a LoadMaster HA pair to Kemp 360 Central, the two individual LoadMasters must be added as single LoadMasters first using the same steps as above. They should be green, and look similar to the below:



7. Once the two single LoadMasters have been added as above, click the "+" and then "Add a Device" again, but this time select LoadMaster HA from the device type dropdown. Now fill in the details for the HA Shared LoadMaster, and select HA1 and HA2 from the dropdown respectively. Click "Apply" once completed:



 8. Now the new HA LoadMaster pair should be added to Central successfully, and showing as a double-stacked green icon on the Network and Device Administration tree. Expand this to see the individual LoadMasters in the HA pair:



9. Error Status Troubleshooting

If any errors are encountered when adding any device to Kemp 360 Central, or the device is not in a green or blue state on the Network and Device Administration tree, an explanation of the device error status is available here:


For more information on troubleshooting the error status of your Kemp 360 Central managed devices, please refer to our Kemp 360 Central Feature Description or Contact Kemp Support.


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