Unable to Edit Office Files SharePoint + ESP


When utilizing KEMPs ESP feature with SharePoint (SP), you may run into an issue whereby you're unable to edit your Microsoft Office files. This is because your office file will have no Authentication Cookie associated with it, so in turn the Load Master will redirect the client to the KEMPs ESP Auth-Proxy page to Authenticate. 

You will either receive error


You will see the KEMP logon Form within Excel or Word. 



1. Enable Permanent Cookies on your SharePoint Virtual Service under ESP Options

2. Configure Internet Explorer to use Accept Third Party Cookies, and add SP Site to your Trusted Sites

NOTE: This solution only works if clients are using Internet Explorer. This is due to the fact that Chrome and Firefox are unable to associate Authentication cookies with MS Office Files. 



1. Enable Permanent Cookies on your SharePoint VS under ESP Options

for more information on Permanent Cookies see here > https://support.kemptechnologies.com/hc/en-us/articles/202029155-What-does-the-Use-Session-or-Permanent-Cookies-option-mean-


Note: If you select "Permanent Cookies Only on Private Computers", you need to ensure that your client always selects "This is a Private Computer" when logging in. 


2. Add SP Site to your trusted sites. 

IE > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sties 

3. Configure Third Party Cookies

IE > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced


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