Taking Snapshots of Virtual LoadMasters

Currently, the LoadMaster does not support snapshots of a running configuration. When a snapshot is taken of a running LoadMaster, there is the high probability of an interruption of services. During the snapshot process, the LoadMaster system logs show all virtual services “Stop” and “Start”. Since this is the case, active connections to the virtual services are dropped. This behavior is attributed to the virtual machine (VM) being suspended during the snapshot. There is also a chance that the LoadMaster will reboot in an attempt to restore its services.

This behavior is somewhat mitigated when you have an HA pair, since a fail-over is a strong possibility. This fail-over is caused by a reboot, or the halting of HA updates to the standby unit, resulting in minimal downtime.

This behavior is consistent with snapshots that include a snapshot of the VM’s memory (default in VMware).

This behavior is consistent with snapshots initiated by an administrator in vSphere or by a third-party application such as Veeam.

If the LoadMaster is operating as a single unit (not as part of an HA pair), it may become unavailable for as long as the unit takes to resume normal operation (as in the case of a reboot).

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