Troubleshooting Online Licensing

When performing Online Licensing, your LoadMaster is required to reach its default gateway, have at least one DNS server configured, and be able to reach the internet. If you are experiencing difficulties with Online Licensing, the LoadMaster can tell you where the connection is failing.

When troubleshooting, four checks are run. The LoadMaster checks to ensure there are connections to the following:

  • The configured Default Gateway
  • The configured DNS server
  • Resolution for
  • The KEMP Licensing Server


Connection to Default Gateway

If you are experiencing difficulty with your LoadMaster connecting to its global default gateway, this indicates a problem with network connectivity. The LoadMaster pings its gateway for this check.


Connection to DNS

If you are not able to connect to your DNS server, the network is either not allowing a bi-directional connection to the DNS server, or no name servers were configured to be associated to this unit. It is not a requirement for DNS servers to be local to the LoadMaster, so any DNS server can be configured. This can be done by navigating to System Configuration > Network Setup > Host & DNS Configuration and populating up to three DNS name servers.


Resolve to Licensing Server

This problem occurs if the DNS server does not have access to the internet. The DNS server  attempts to query public DNS servers and is unable to reach a DNS server that can resolve


Connection to Licensing Server

Once the DNS server resolves, the LoadMaster forwards its connection to or If you are unable to achieve an HTTPS connection to the Licensing Server, this indicates that the LoadMaster does not have access to the internet.


If all checks pass and a connection still cannot be achieved, then you should verify that you are using a correct KEMP ID and Password. Be aware that your KEMP ID is simply an email address you have registered on the KEMP Support Site. To register, go to the KEMP Support Site, click Sign In and Create KEMP ID.

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