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Splitting network traffic to ingress and egress





Different ways to split the monitored traffic to ingress/egress or IN/OUT.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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How to split the traffic to IN/OUT?

How to split the traffic to ingress/egress?

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It is necessary to create a new profile in the Monitoring Center - Profiles and add new channels to the profile, eg. channels "IN" and "OUT".

Each channel will be defined by a filter that splits the traffic. 

Examples, of how to split the traffic:

  1. Using subnets
    src net in [,,] and not dst net in [,,]
    dst net in [,,] and not src net in [,,] 
    for internet upload/download
  2. Using interface indexes (if flow data are exported by routers/switches)
    [in|out] if <interface_index>
  3. Using VLANs
    [src|dst] vlan <num>
  4. Using AS numbers
    [src|dst] as in [ <ASlist> ]
  5. Some flow sources send also flow field "direction"
    dir [ingress|egress]

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