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Adding LoadMaster into 360 central fails with a custom API port defined





Adding a Loadmaster into 360 Central fails


Product: Loadmaster & Central

Version: Any

Platform:  Any

Application: Any

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Custom API port defined as 8443, with WUI port specified as 443.

Add a kemp loadmaster to 360 Central with the bal user and specifying port 443 as the WUI port

Error Message: The last add or edit operation on the LoadMaster at x.x.x.x did not complete successfully. Check the log for details. Please edit the device and re-apply your changes.
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Even though the kemp is using 443 as the WUI port, communication between kemp 360 central and kemp loadmaster is using the API port.

If you have a custom API port defined as 8443, when adding the kemp device to central, port 8443 needs to be specified in the port section like the screenshot below.



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