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Userlog "details modified" appears after every LDAP login





A user receives a log message that user details have been modified after every LDAP login.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: 12.1.1 and lower

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Following logs appear in FCC - Logs after every LDAP login:

Dec 23 12:04:54 x.x.x.x Dec 23 12:04:54 flowmon flowmon[179133]: CEF:0|Flowmon|Flowmon Collector R5-6000 Pro|12.01.01|Configuration|login|6|rt=1671793494110 suser=username cs1=None cs1Label=Module msg=User has logged in from y.y.y.y
Dec 23 12:04:53 x.x.x.x Dec 23 12:04:53 flowmon flowmon[179104]: CEF:0|Flowmon|Flowmon Collector R5-6000 Pro|12.01.01|Configuration|change|5|rt=1671793493896 suser=username cs1=FCC cs1Label=Module msg=User 'username' details modified

These logs are also sent via syslog to the configured syslog server.

The second message says that user details have been modified even if it wasn't.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-4303
Enhancement Number:  
Resolution: The issue is going to be fixed in future releases. 

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