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Configure Not available Error File





How to Configure the Error file on a virtual service for not available redirect handling.


Product: Load Master

Version: all

Platform: all

Application: HTTP/HTTPS web service

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Cause: Setting up an error file to be displayed when the real servers are unavailable.

Go to the virtual service

Under "advanced properties" section the "Not Available redirection handling" is located towards the bottom of the section.

Drop down the list and choose something like a "404"

Select the radio button for the "Error File"

Upload the plain text or HTML page file for the error message.Kemp_Error_page_setup.png

Error File: When no Real Servers are available and an error response is to be sent back to the client, the specified file is added to the response. This enables simple error HTML pages to be sent in response to the specified error.

Please note the maximum size of this error page is 16KB and it is plain text or HTML only.


Section 3.6 Advanced properties of the following article


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