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How to load balance LDAPS services





How to load balance LDAPS services


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: LDAPS

Question/Problem Description:

Query for LDAPS service. Currently looking for solution to configure LDAPS service at Load balancer end and have domain controllers from different locations behind the virtual service. Also, request should be redirected based on geographical location.

User wants to LB LDAPS traffic, but each server has a certificate like i.e. required by the application to access the LDAPS server.

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So In order to overcome this, we need a  common certificate that can be imported on real servers so if traffic hits any server that common certificate is present there, and the end-user able to access the different Real servers using KEMP VS.


For the redirection of requests based on geographic location, they would need to use GEO feature of kemp.


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