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The number of profiles





The limit for adding the profiles


Product:The Flowmon collector and HW Probe


Platform: VA and HW Collector, HW PROBE

Question/Problem Description:

Does the Flowmon limit of creating profiles?

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The Flowmon System does not have any limit for number of profiles.


The Flowmon system is not a Infrastructure monitoring solution. We would calculate all these metrics from a flow data which is making it quite CPU intensive. As each profiled interface means a profile and even though we are not limiting number of profiles from the experience we know it is limited by hardware performance.

This function in Flowmon is really to have only the important information or to allow you store some of the data for longer if you enable a real profile on the source with big enough quota.

If you want to monitor all the interfaces on the whole infrastructure I would recommend you to use a product build for that like WhatsUp Gold or similar as SNMP is way more efficient on the purpose of seeing many interfaces traffic. 

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