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How to make an exception rule for a specific IP address





How to make an exception rule for a specific IP Address so that it can bypass ESP.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

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Question/Problem Description:

There is a device on the network that uses Exchange 2016 OWA to pull emails over to it. The other SubVS's have ESP on them which this device cannot authenticate through so this IP will need to bypass ESP.

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Cause: Want to permit a single IP address to bypass ESP through it's own SubVS.
  • Create a new SubVS on your existing Virtual Service.
  • Create a content matching rule with the Header Field "src-ip" and the match string containing the IP address you want to have bypass ESP.
  • Assign this src-ip content matching rule to the new SubVS that was created.
  • Add the appropriate real servers to the SubVS.
  • On the parent VS navigate to Advanced Properties > Rule Precedence > move the src-ip match rule to the top of this list.  This will ensure the IP is matched prior to matching any other rules.
Notes: How to Content Match by Source IP

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