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Migrate Old KEMP Loadmaster to New Loadmaster





Migration of Old KEMP with New KEMP Loadmaster.


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How to migrate Old KEMP Loadmaster with New KEMP Loadmaster

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The steps to replace your old LMs and VLMs would be as follows:

(Of course, we recommend performing any type of migration during a downtime/maintenance period). If downtime is an issue for you, we offer a replacement solution per our doc to ensure as little downtime as possible for end users you can find here.

1. Take a Configuration/SSL Certificate backup of your current VLMs. Steps on how to perform LM backups/restores can be found here.

2. Shut down your old LMs or VLMs units.

3. Configure your new LMs or VLMs units with the relevant IP addressing, and get units licensed. Like a trial license so later we can migrate support from Old VLMs to New VLMs.

4. Pair your LMs VLMs units in HA mode. Our documentation regarding the HA process can be found here. (Only If you are in HA mode)

5. From here you can restore the configuration backup and SSL certificate backup (if applicable) to your Master unit via the Shared address. 

6. When performing the configuration restore, you will want to choose VS Configuration and either GEO or ESP SSO Configuration if those are applicable as well. You do NOT need to restore the Base Configuration.


7. To ensure the configuration is synced over to its pair, go to System Configuration > HA Parameters > Force Update.


Note: If you have ACL on your VS, you need to do a Base Config, as we don't restore ACL in the backup config.

Base config will be the same IPs and everything will be uploaded to the new KEMP, so be careful when doing that and you need to reboot the KEMP as well.

We can't upload Base config on Different models example LM-3000 to LM-X15 or LM3000 to VLM-MAX or VLM3000 to LM-X3


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