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Setup for Proximity-Based GSLB




Summary:  How to setup Proximity-Based Selection Criteria Global Load Balancing

Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

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 Assistance needed to configure proximity-based Global Load Balancing.

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With the proximity selection criteria, the DNS method should be set to iterative.
The iterative DNS method would allow the LoadMaster to determine the original client IP in order to forward them to the correct location.

Another method that can be used would be eDNS which would provide the LoadMaster with the Client IP.

Firstly, an IP range will need to be configured for the client IP and the coordinates for the range of addresses.
This can be done when navigating to Global Balancing > IP Range Selection Criteria.
Here you will add the IP address or the range of addresses.
Once this is done, you will need to modify the IP/range to configure the coordinates.

The coordinates will need to be in the DMS format rather than the longitude and latitude format.

After this, the selection criteria will need to be set to Proximity.
This can be done by navigating to Global Balancing > Manage FQDNs > Modify an FQDN > set the Selection Criteria to Proximity.

Coordinates can then be assigned to the responding virtual service IPs within the Parameters column.
Show Coordinates will expand the coordinates fields. 


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