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Missing flow data





Possible causes of missing flow data on Collector from 3rd party flow source device.


Product: FOS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Why we cannot see new incoming flow data on the Collector?

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Cause: Configuration of flow source was changed or is incorrect.

1. Verify that is selected correct source for sending flow data.

2. Check flow export configuration (flow filters, templates)

e.g. commands for Cisco routers:

show policy-map type mace
show flow exporter name
show flow exporter template
show flow record type mace name
show flow monitor type mace name
show flow exporter template
show cef interface name
show mace metrics
show policy-map type mace interface name
show flow exporter option application table
show ip nbar parameter extraction
3. Run on Collector tcpdump command and verify that flow source is also sending flow records
tcpdump -i eth0 -w /data/tmp/flow_record.pcap 'host <flow_source_IP> and port <listening_port>'

Templates only - pcap example:

MicrosoftTeams-image (47).png

Netflow Export Configuration:

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