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HTTPDICT method is not triggered





Possibilities of not triggering HTTPDICT method.
For this method are selected flows where the client IP is from Assigned filter range, server response took less than 1 second, value MinimalPageSize was exceeded and flow contain TCP flags 'APSF'.


Product: ADS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

In our lab we are forcing attempt web login page. However, HTTPDICT method is not triggered.

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Method conditions are not triggered.

Flow source is not sending TCP Flags.

Resolution: Verify that flow source supports sending TCP flags.
Try to trigger HTTPDICT method and then in Flowmon Monitoring Center (FMC) analysis list flows with filter:
(ip <client_ip>) and (ip <server_ip>) and (port 443)

Check if conditions are triggered and also if TCP flags are included in flow data.


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