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SMTP ESP Connection Logging





 Logging the client IP of an SMTP virtual service using ESP.


Product: LoadMaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Generic and STARTTLS Service Type

Question/Problem Description: 

Need to log the client IP that is hitting the virtual service.

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 By default, the LoadMaster does not log the client IP.

This can be done using ESP connection logging within the virtual service.

The support level must be Enterprise or Enterprise Plus in order to use the ESP option.

To configure ESP connection logging, navigate to the virtual service, expand the ESP Options tab and Enable ESP.

Ensure that Connection Logging is enabled and within the Permitted Domain field specify the domain name of the virtual service.

Here you can also use the wildcard *.* which will permit any domain name.


To view the ESP connection logs, navigate to System Configuration > Logging Options > Extended Log Files > ESP Connection Logs.


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