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TSIG DNS Requests with GSLB Causing Errors





TSIG DNS requests causing GSLB segfaults


Product: LoadMaster

Version: 7.2.58

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

There was an issue where queries were not being processed from any of the GLSB units.  

Steps to Reproduce: Get on firmware 7.2.58 or below
On Linux command line
Generate a TSIG key
tsig-keygen > /tmp/tsig
Using dig, query an FQDN passing that key file:
dig <fqdn> @<server ip> -k /tmp/tsig
Error Message:

segfault at 78 ip 000000000041ff33 sp 00007fffb5c7d1b0 error 4 in named[400000+2b7000]

segfault at 78 ip 000000000048a40d sp 00007ff960525f40 error 4 in named[400000+36b000]

Defect Number: LM-1840
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: TSIG DNS queries were causing segfaults on the LoadMaster.
Resolution: Upgrade firmware to 7.2.59 as this was a confirmed bug.
Workaround: Ensure TSIG requests are not reaching the LoadMaster using GSLB

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