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Why kemp can not add the local users as a group for set permission





Why I cannot add the local user as a group on Kemp.
I create a group as super_admin I set permission to full, and I add 2 or 3 usernames.
and I create a group as network_operation and set permission limitations and add 2 or 3 usernames


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

In Kemp, after I create a group and set permissions, unfortunately, I don't see any link to add our local user to the group that I already created.

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Cause: The remote user groups setting refers to the user groups from your LDAP server that you wish to authenticate on kemp.
There is no concept of groups for local users.
Resolution: Create and manage the groups as required on LDAP server instead and configure the same names for groups on the kemp.

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