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Deprecation Notice: Legacy WAF

As part of our continuing efforts to provide the best Web Application Firewall (WAF) support possible, we have decided to discontinue support for the LoadMaster Legacy WAF feature, so that we can concentrate our efforts on providing value through our latest WAF offering.

As a result, starting in Q1 2023 with the v7.2.59.0 release, LoadMaster Trial downloads will no longer include the WAF Options (Legacy) tab in the Virtual Service configuration.

Below is an example of how this tab looks in the Virtual Service configuration UI when it's enabled.


Note that this change affects Trial downloads only. If you currently run with Legacy WAF enabled and upgrade to the v7.2.59 release, your product will continue to operate normally.

Legacy WAF will be fully deprecated in the v7.2.61.0 release targeted for Q3 2023.

Deprecated means that we intend to fully remove Legacy WAF from the LoadMaster. If you are running Legacy WAF and upgrade to the v7.2.61 release, you will receive a warning; if you proceed, your Legacy WAF settings (including custom rules) will be removed and the new WAF engine will be enabled with default values.

If you are using Legacy WAF, move to the latest WAF as soon as possible.

We recommend, if possible, upgrading your LoadMaster to use the latest WAF feature prior to upgrading to (or a later release). This will allow you to configure the latest WAF engine to suit your configuration at the earliest possible convenience. Further information on the latest WAF feature is available here.

[Please note that references to release timeframes are targets and subject to update by Progress.]

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