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Kemp Load Balancer High Availabilty on VMWare NSX-T





Currently have KEMP LB HA setup in our NSX-V environment, will be moving these over to a NSX-T backed network.


Product: Loadmaster

Version: Any

Platform: Virtual

Application: N/A

Question/Problem Description:

For setting up Kemp high availabilty in our NSX-V, we can correctly setup forged Transmits and MAC Address Changes on the port group. NSX-T doesn't have the exact same settings so I was hoping you could confirm exactly what settings are required on NSX-T?

We are thinking that MAC discovery Segment Profile will need to have MAC Learning and 'MAC Change' both enabled, however unsure about Unknown Unicast Flooding? The Unicast Flooding might be more related to promiscuous mode.

Will we also need SpoofGuard Segment Profiles and IP Discovery Segment Profiles?

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NSX-T is currently not officially supported by KEMP for HA operation.

However customers have confirmed that below workaround works for them.


The correct configuration for the NSX-T Segment profile was to turn on ‘MAC Learning’ and also put a Rule in place to allow for VRRP IP services to pass between the Loadbalancers.

Confirm that enabling MAC Learning and MAC Change and assigning the segment profile to the Network has successfully brought up the KEMP HA’s.


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