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Graph data size





Details about storing graph data and information about their sizes. 


Product: Flowmon Collector

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

How much data consume graph of one profile channel on the disk?

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Graph data for channels in the Monitoring Center are stored in the RRD (round-robin database) files. These files have constant sizes. The size is allocated when a new profile/channel is created.

Sizes are the following:

5-minute channel, flow graph - 15485848 bytes
5-minute channel, NPM graph - 16518160 bytes
1-minute/30-second channel, flow graph - 4670360 bytes
1-minute/30-second channel, NPM graph - 12451920 bytes

Even if NPM/traffic graph is disabled for the channel, both RRD files are created and consume disk space.

GUI (Monitoring Center - Profiles) counts graph data size with fixed values:
31MB per 5-minute channel
17MB per 1-minute/30-second channel

Configuration Center - Resource Manager shows real graph data size on the disk (not the fixed rounded values).


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